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Please feel free to download past letters sent home to parents. The newest letters are listed at the top.

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Date File
06/11/2015 June Regents Letter
4/29/2015 New Discipline Codes from Chancellor Farina
4/17/2015 Advance Student Survey and Parent FAQZhong Wen , español
3/20/2015 8th Grade 2015 Trip Permission
9/12/2014 Senior Dues for Class of 2015
9/12/2014 Back to School Letter
8/15/2014 8th Grade 0 Period Letter
6/30/2014 Guidance Dept Welcome Letter
6/26/2014 Program Distribution Schedule
5/29/2014 June letter
3/17/2014 Parent Safety Letter
3/13/2014 Testing Letter to Parents 2014


8th Grade Dues Letter to MS Parents 
6/5/2013 Extended School Schedule Letter to HS Parents 2013