Teacher Highlights

  • Mrs. Braverman

    English teacher, Mrs. Braverman brought The Met School Membership (MSM) program to The East West School of International Studies.  The program introduced students to opera at the world's greatest opera house right here in New York City. To prepare for the visits to The Metropolitan Opera (Met), Ms. Demby, a retired teacher and lover of the opera as well as a tour guide at The Met came to the 8th grade classes and provided students with an in-depth study guide, including background information on the operas and composers they had the opportunity to see.  Mrs. Braverman and  Ms. Demby developed a wide range of classroom activities such miming, drawing set designs, and putting on student designed versions of an opera.   With Ms. Demby love and knowledge of opera, she was able to impart detailed information on the opera’s music and production.  Mrs. Braverman's classes attended four performances in the 2009/2010 school year.  Students experienced The Damnation of Faust, Il Trittico-three one act plays, and two performances of The Tales of Hoffmann. 

    Met Stages brings students inside the artistic process with a pair of director’s rehearsals for a new Met production. The first week, students watched singers in street clothes working with the directors and crew as they learned blocking and practiced with a piano.  The following week, students returned to experience the team gearing up for opening night: the conductor fine-tuned the musical performance and directors polished the production while singers rehearsed full scenes in costume with the orchestra. After each rehearsal, students learned more about the production process during an intimate talk-balk session with members of the production team. One of the most outstanding moments of the opera experience was the backstage tour.  Students were able to see the inner workings of the magnificent Metropolitan Opera.  What an outstanding experience!

    Bravo to Mrs. Bravermen for bringing opera into the lives of our students!

  • Ms. Pechersky

    This school year, every Academy participated in a community service project of their choice. Ms. Pechersky’s 10th grade Academy students discussed many opportunities and decided to organize a clothing drive to help people in need. During several months, they worked to mobilize the East –West community and have as many donations of gently worn clothes as possible.

    The students led by their own example. They brought in multiple items several times. They regularly spoke to the students and staff in Muster. They engaged their families and friends outside of school. At the same time, during Academy, they learned the rules and skills of public speaking to make their appeals more convincing. They explored our Queens community resources online, analyzed their findings, and decided where to donate the clothes.

    While planning, preparing, conducting, and completing the project, the students could learn that there are always ways to help others. You don’t have to be rich or to donate money. Even people of modest means can make a difference in the lives of others. The main thing is to be kind, generous, understanding, and tolerant. There are many hardworking people in difficult live situations, who are poor and need help. There are many reasons and factors out of their control that make people poor. The goal of the society and each local community is too help these people overcome the difficulties.

    The community’s response was overwhelming. Many students and staff members brought in bags full of shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, jackets, sweaters, and smaller items, such as hats, gloves, baby clothing, towels, bags, and pieces of fabric. As a part of the project, students folded, sorted, and counted the items. By the end of the clothing drive, there were 336 (!) items in more than 20 bags! On April 7, Ms. Pechersky and her students went to the Goodwill Donation Center in Astoria to deliver them. They concluded the project by celebrating their community spirit at a Japanese fusion cuisine restaurant nearby. 

    Ms. Pechersky’s Academy wants to thank the entire East-West community, families, and staff members for opening their hearts and being responsive to the needs of others. There is no doubt that the great variety of gently worn, almost new, and brand new items that were donated will be a great support to the people in need during all seasons and for many occasions.

    Thank you so much, East-West!

  • Ms. Warren

    When the 7th graders won the Sumdog competition a few months ago, the school was awarded with a free software package from Yenka mathematics.  http://yenka.com/  is a mathematics software program that offers many different site licenses.  The site licenses we gained access to are for Mathematics: 3D shapes, Statistics, and Coordinates.  All teachers and up to 2,000 students can access the program.  This program is best used in Mathematics and Science classes.