PTA Executive Board 2013-2014

East-West School of International Studies

Esmilce Escobar, Co-Presidents
Erin Rappaport, Co-Presidents
Sharlene Tillett, Vice-President
Cora Wong, Treasurer
Tijuan Harris, Secretary
Lavina Shivnani, Fundraising Chairperson
Denise Eng, Communications Chairperson

Welcome to the Parent section of the East-West School website.  As parents, teachers, and administrators, we have a shared goal:  to provide the best education and chance for success in life for our children.  The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is one of the best ways parents and guardians can be involved in their children’s lives.  By staying in touch with what is happening at school, and getting to know the teachers and other staff at East-West, a parent is better able to help their own child to succeed academically.  All families whose children attend East-West School are automatically PTA members, and we welcome you to attend our monthly meetings and become involved in our volunteer activities.

The PTA is a “helping” organization that recruits parent-volunteers and supports the school with funding and manpower for special activities and needs. At the same time, our meetings are designed to give parents tools and information they can use to help their children get the most from their education.  Meetings are generally held the first Saturday of each month at 10:00.  We start with a delicious breakfast buffet and then proceed to the business portion of the meeting. We cover news and information specific to East-West from the PTA, Principal Mr. Sherman, and our Assistant Principals Ms. Oh and Ms. Panday.  And finally, we always allow plenty of time for a question and answer period so that the concerns of the parents can be addressed by the school administration.

We hope that the information this website provides will be useful to you and you will visit it often.  We look forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings and working together with you to make 2013-2014 a rewarding year for our East-West students.


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